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Yes   No Are there any Stairs (more than 3 steps), as you may not be able to have the jukebox you have selected & we'll need you to arrange help when we deliver
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We deliver the day of your party & the more time available to us the easier it is to organise times for deliveries. Please ring us the day before your booking to find out your allocated delivery time.
Yes   No A bond of $50 (to be paid in advance) is required for all halls and clubs. This is additional to the hire fee, but is fully refundable when the jukebox is picked up. Bonds also apply to all KARAOKE jukeboxes.
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CD 16 Title:
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CD 17 Title:
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PLUS FOUR EXTRA SELECTIONS - We endeavour to give you your first selections but please appreciate all your selections may not be available, so choose your extras carefully.
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